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Protecting Life & Property through Technology & Innovation

Protecting Life & Property through Technology & Innovation

Control and Monitoring Software Packages

To ensure that as owner/operators of premises where people work, rest and live you meet with current HCIS and Civil Defence mandatory preventative requirements and this avoiding personal prosecution in the event of a fire or other safety related incident, PGIS provide dedicated life safety system software systems that allow owner/operators to ensure that their legal obligations are being met.

The program is specifically designed to provide Facility Managers and Fire Safety controllers a clear overview of fire protection status and automated solution for controls, inspection and maintenance

  1. One Stop Inspection/Maintenance for Safety / Security
  2. Performs the entire inspection process fully automated
  3. The check-in feature provides tracking of the location of Inspections
  4. The software can provide a single platform for all the safety related information, safety organization and entire information and report management.
  5. This software can help automate the entire process and also help in easy Records Retention and Retrieval.
  6. Standard procedures, checklist & reports of all types of fire protection related systems (fire alarm, sprinkler, various gas suppression systems, fire extinguishers, etc.) already built-in
  7. Capture photos of violations for quick visual reference
  8. Entire Fire Document Management, Information Management with Dashboards and Reports


  1. The E-Fire Safety provides the Fire Inspecting Officer the status for each premise in Real Time.
  2. Mobile version makes it “Very User Friendly”
  3. The system is complete with a “Dashboard“, which gives the next due dates for all inspection checks with reminders and mails, making the management of Fire Safety easy.
  4. Overall cost of work force doing the job compared to time saved annually using the software.
  5. Cost savings in avoiding duplication of work and elimination of manual sheets.
  6. It is ideal management tool for customers with buildings in 100s and multiples of 100s, as numerous sites can be monitored and managed
  7. 90 % reduction in paperwork.
  8. 100 % reduction in information flow time.
  9. 100% timely and accurate information.