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Protecting Life & Property through Technology & Innovation

Protecting Life & Property through Technology & Innovation


At Pan Gulf Industrial Systems, our network of fully qualified engineers can ensure your systems are in tip-top condition by delivering expert service and maintenance solutions that follow the prescribed standards as outlined in International UL/FM NFPA and KSA HCIS and Civil Defense Authority’s.

The most advanced fire and gas detection systems need maintenance and regular monitoring to perform at optimal levels.

When it comes to life and property, you just can’t take risks with safety. PGIS is equipped with certified technical staff knowledgeable about the latest knowhow, equipment, and special tools to provide quick turnaround on all your service/maintenance requests.

We offer specialized service and maintenance solutions for the following systems:

    • All manufacture Fire Alarm and Detection Systems.
    • Gas Detection & Instrumentation Control.
    • All Gas Suppression systems incl. FM200, NOVEC, INERT IG55, CO2.
    • Halon refurbishment and removal.
    • High and low pressure water mist.
    • All manufacturer Sprinkler and deluge systems.
    • HVAC & Building Management Systems.
    • Security & CCTV Systems.
    • Emergency lighting systems.
    • Site Alarms Siren & Evacuation Systems.
    • Instrumentation & Condition Monitoring.
    • Site Maintenance Monitoring Software Systems.

The correct service and maintenance of fire related life safety systems is important. PGIS Service & Maintenance Division and Operational Procedures ensure that your building or site is protected and maintained in line with and complies with, National & Local Civil Defense and/or HCIS NFPA requirements.

PGIS offer the following range of bespoke and standard regular services:

    • Preparation of complete designs and performance of engineering work for all types of Fire Protection, Fire Detection and Alarm, HVAC & BMS, Security & CCTV, Control &
    • Service & Maintenance of all the above systems and OEM Suppliers.
    • Provision of on-site manpower to meet critical service challenges.
    • Periodic inspection/testing and maintenance to measure system reliability to comply with National and Local Civil Defense/HCIS & NFPA requirements.
    • 24 hour support for emergency call-outs.
    • Site surveys, either for system HCIS or Civil Defense Certification.
    • Corrective maintenance services and additional site works.
    • Repair and refilling service of NOVEC, FM-200, CO2, foam, dry chemicals in our UL listed filling station at Dammam Industrial City II.
    • Hydro-testing of various system cylinders/fire hoses.
    • Laboratory testing/certification of firefighting foams.
    • Special services such as room integrity tests (door fan tests/concentration tests).
    • Gas detector test/calibration.
    • Instrumentation system calibration services.
    • System renovation work to meet NFPA standards and local civil defense requirements.
    • Assembling, pre-FAT/FAT of fire alarm control panels.
    • Treating, re-painting and full refurbishment of all firefighting equipment and cylinders.
    • Major repair/modification of Fire Fighting equipment.
    • Site training on Firefighting and all types of above system operations.


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