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Protecting Life & Property through Technology & Innovation

Protecting Life & Property through Technology & Innovation

Railway / Transport

Railway Transport Fire Protection

A major fire can quickly bring operations to a standstill, damage reputation and place lives at risk. A swift and competent response to a fire incident can protect your reputation amongst travelers and business stakeholders, but an unprofessional approach may take years to recover from.

As a key part of any effective business continuity process, Pan Gulf Industrial Systems fire protection systems help prevent minor mishaps turning into serious incidents. Pan Gulf Industrial Systems transport and logistics fire detection and suppression systems have been chosen for hundreds of major projects protecting airports, train stations, warehouse and distribution centers, road bridges and tunnels, railways and bus interchanges.

Designing a fire protection system requires special expertise in fire behavior and fire protection components – expertise that Pan Gulf Industrial Systems has developed over many years in the business. In a transport environment, PGIS start by surveying the facility and location of key equipment, vehicle routes and storage locations. PGIS then design a system to provide effective protection that meets or exceeds relevant standards and achieves your required risk and cost balance.

Some of our advanced marine fire detection and suppression technology includes:

Portable Fire Equipment

Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems

Novec & FM200 Fire Suppression System

Fire Safety Training

Alarms and Evacuation Systems