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Protecting Life & Property through Technology & Innovation

Protecting Life & Property through Technology & Innovation

Skum Hot Foam System

The Hot Foam system is a Svenska Skum patented extinguishing system. The system utilises an extinguishing technique uses inside air and comprises foam generators, foam concentrate and a foam-proportioning unit, all installed in a distribution pipe.

The Svenska Skum HotFoam extinguishing system is designed for both marine and industrial applications.

The Extinguishing Mechanisms of Hot Foam are several

  • Cooling: Water and foam will cool the objects in the room and rapidly bring the temperatures down, if the temperature is high, water is turned into steam. The steam contributes to decrease the temperature of the object.

  • Suffocating: The resulting steam acts as an inert gas and reduces the oxygen content of the air.
  •  Isolating: The excellent isolating function of expanded foam prevents heat from spreading and setting other objects on fire.
  •  Limitation of flammable gases: The foam binds the flammable gases inside the bubbles and thereby prevents the gas from spreading or ignition.