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Protecting Life & Property through Technology & Innovation

Protecting Life & Property through Technology & Innovation

Hydrant Systems

Any site, be it industrial or commercial, will have fire hydrant system installed. Hydrant Systems incorporate pump sets that are typically powered by an electric motor

with a diesel powered pump as standby. The pressure in the hydrant system has be maintained so that the system is always ready for use. Hydrant systems are designed in a way that any two hydrants can be brought into use to tackle any fire from different angles, which provides a quick and safe solution for extinguishing the fire. In addition, the cost of maintenance associated with these systems is relatively low, which in turn ensures hassle free and long lasting performance. This is the reason why the fire departments in all countries, on industrial and commercial sites rely on hydrant systems.

A typical hydrant system consists of a pumpset, underground or above ground piping, isolation valves and the actual hydrant. Associated with the hydrant can be a hose cabinet that houses hose, nozzles and other equipment deemed necessary to fight a fire. These systems can be used in a number of locations

These systems are highly versatile and can be used on almost any type of site. So, take a look at our range of hydrant systems.