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Protecting Life & Property through Technology & Innovation

Protecting Life & Property through Technology & Innovation

Gas Suppression Systems

Fire extinguishing systems based on gaseous agents are quite apt for dealing with fire without leaving any residues behind, which make them highly efficient for locations containing expensive equipment and tools. In fact, Gas Based suppression systems can deal with fire, even in places where sprinklers cannot reach. Gas Based Suppression Systems are used mainly in confined rooms or areas where the space is cramped or confined, which makes them perfect for power plants and industrial locations.
These systems can be used with a very early smoke detection system that will detect a fire before it starts and therefore negate the actual act of releasing the extinguishing agent, or if the detection system determines that the fire is building will automatically release the agent.

To ensure the safety of workers working in the industrial workplace, the gaseous agents used in our fire suppression systems are professionally engineered and absolutely environmentally friendly. Gas based fire suppression systems work by either replacing the oxygen, as is the case with Carbon Dioxide systems, or creating a chemical reaction with the buring material to extinguish the fire, as is the case with FE227 or NOVEC.

Suppression Systems
    Novec 1230
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