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Protecting Life & Property through Technology & Innovation

Protecting Life & Property through Technology & Innovation

FM 200 Suppression Systems

FM-200® is a clean and environmentally friendly fire suppression agent that is electrically non-conductive and safe for humans. It extinguishes the threat of fire through heat absorption, leaving no residue, eliminating downtime after a fire and making FM-200 suppression systems accepted and respected around the globe.

Chemetron FM-200® fire suppression systems work hand-in-hand with state-of-the-art control and detection components to identify and extinguish fires, long before substantial fire damage can occur. Without changing your current control panel or detection systems, an existing system can be easily converted to FM-200®

When it comes to fire protection there can be no compromise – contact us to day to learn more about our FM-200 system solutions.
FM-200 is a registered trademark of Chemtura Corp.


    Environmentally Clean Agent
    Fast-Acting and Efficient Extinguishment
    Compatible with Sensitive Equipment
    Recognized by the Top Independent Listing and Approval Agencies
    Safe for Occupied Spaces